December 2011

A Review of "Configurations" by Octavio Paz

Bilingual Spanish/English Poetry


Octavio Paz a distinguished philosopher, anthropologist, critic, and poet. A native of Mexico, Mr. Paz insisted that poetry be its own voice, not the voice of ideology. For him poetry was not the voice of history or an anti-history, it was not the voice of propaganda and it was not the servile voice of something else. Poetry for Octavio Paz, was poetry and had a voice that was distinct throughout all of history and did not serve history.

Arrian's "Campaigns of Alexander"

Classical History on A Classic Figure



Arrian or, properly Flavius Arrianus Xenophon, was a Greek who rose rapidly in the Roman Empire in the second century of the current era. He eventually reached the status of consul and embarked on several exploratory campaigns. He marked the beginning of his career with a Manual on Epictetus, the stoic philosopher, and added perhaps one of the most reliable accounts of one of literature and history's most interesting and enigmatic personalities--Alexander of Macedonia.


The Lotus Sutra

A Review

       The Lotus Sutra is perhaps one of the most respected, loved, cherished sutras throughout much of the world.  It has through its numerous translations been able to survive for an incredibly long period of time in a variety of formats.  The inclusion of two additional sutras in the The Threefold Lotus Sutra tends to be the majority way of presenting the text.  Three translators and three additional editors worked on this particular translation volume.